Beer Money, Freeman


This is the first book we have decided can't be finished. We read 37 pages out of 178. This Australian writer is obviously a fan of mysteries and beer, but lacks the fundamentals in descriptive writing and character development. The only thing he is compelled to describe are the street names of the path his detective takes to each destination. Street names do very little for anyone especially those of us who do not know that city.

Lesson reminders: 1. Describe everything... let an editor remove that which is boring and redundant. 2. There must be enough character development for the reader to know why a character would behave a certain way contrary to the way he was described on the previous page. There are a multitude of good reasons for characters to behave oddly... give me at least one of those reasons! 3. Accept brutally honest editing. Invite it from someone who knows your genre and someone who knows nothing of your location, etc. Let them highlight the holes... then fill the holes with details details details! We want to wonder about the actual mystery, not why your character hit another for seemingly no reason.

It kills me to not finish a book...  so there is a good chance I will read it secretly and update this post if there is any reason to do so :-)


  1. Basically you're right. It's not very good. But I know a few people got a laugh out of it and that can only be a good thing.

    Matthew Freeman

    1. My long winded reply is here:
      The short answer is, YES! If one single person identified enough to react with any emotion at all, including laughter, your art has made the world a better place! Nobody's opinion voids your art's worth!! <3

    2. Thanks Abby. Constructive criticism is invaluable. It makes everyone a better writer and I appreciate your review, seriously. Regards, Matthew