A Boy from C-11, Ronglien


My grandmother grew up in the orphanage or Minnesota State Public School for Dependent and Neglected Children. Mr. Harvey Ronglien wrote this book because he had grown up there and has since created the museum for this historical place

Mr. Ronglien is not a writer by trade, but a person with a story and perspective to tell. Every human being on this planet has a story and specific perspective and therefor, I encourage anyone who wants to be heard to tell their story. Children who grew up alongside may have had the same or vastly different experiences or interpretations of events because we all are different people even in the same set of circumstances. Mr. Ronglien, in fact, addresses this very thing. He says he has gotten both criticism and praise for being too hard or too easy on the institution. For anyone with a contrasting story, I say, WRITE YOUR OWN STORY! It is important to simply listen in cases like this. Don't compare or judge your own story against his. He is one person with one personality who grew up in one time. Just listen. If you can manage to simply listen, you'll learn something.

Because he is not a writer but a man with a story, there are moments when I wish he had elaborated a bit more. He will make a comment which may make perfect sense to someone who had lived there at that time, but to the removed reader, we are sort of left hanging. That's ok... at least he wrote SOMETHING for us and generations to come to at least have a snapshot of this time and place that no longer exists.

Notes to writer self: 1. Have someone who knows NOTHING about your subject read your writing and highlight points that need more info/explanation. 2. You can never be too descriptive! Seriously!!!!  This seems to be a point I make every time I write these. Tell me every detail. Maybe you feel that you would bore your reader because you know that stuff, but I do not and neither does anyone my age or beyond. Details, colors, smells, textures, sounds make the space real. 3. Write your story... people will feel touched by being able to relate to the similarities and they will also feel that their world is broadened by seeing a different life than their own. All of us have a story to tell. Tell it if you feel so inclined!

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